Sports Vision and Contact Lenses

"Concentrate on your game… not your glasses!"

It doesn’t take long to realize how restricting glasses can be when you are playing sports. Contacts are a better option and the right fit goes a long way. After losing a few hard lenses during my first football season at Tyler Junior College, my optometrist suggested I try “sports contact lenses.” He increased the tightness of the lens slightly and added a #2 green tint to reduce glare. I never lost another lens on the field.

Those lenses had a second blessing: Rebecca (my wife to be) also wore #2 green lenses when we met all those years ago … destiny?? I cannot guarantee that you will meet the love of your life, but I can make you see better … and therefore, play better!

The Winning Edge…

Did you know it takes .4 seconds for a baseball to leave the pitchers hand and cross the plate, and it takes .2 seconds to swing the bat?  That gives the batter just .2 seconds to decide whether to swing or not.

Did you also know that everyone has a dominant hand, foot and eye?  The dominant eye processes information to the brain about .12 seconds faster than the non-dominant eye does.

Many people are remarkably skillful at adapting to their vision problems, and they assume everyone sees the same way they do.  If your visual information is inaccurate, it can throw off your body’s timing and cause your performance level to drop.

Sharpening your vision skills is one way of improving your game and giving yourself the “winning edge.”  As your doctor I can recommend the proper prescription for contact lenses that can maximize your visual skills and help you reach your ultimate potential on any court or field!

See Better!...Play Better!